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Evrex, located in Southern California, has provided book scanning services for over 15 years.  Our scanning operators are experienced in the art of book scanning.  They understand fully that scanning books, artworks, bounded material, and maps are not the same as running-of-the-mill paper scanning.

We use high-quality book scanners manufactured by Zeutschel and Microbox of Germany for all our book scanning projects. By utilizing scanners designed specifically for large book scanning projects, we have found that all our work is consistent and first-rate.

We offer book scanning services for the following:

  • Books
  • Notebooks
  • Lab books
  • Year books
  • Art books
  • Magazines

  • 3-Ring Binders
  • Fragile and Rare Documents
  • Photographs
  • Registers
  • Newspapers

Evrex understands that each customer’s book scanning project is unique and special.  To ensure our time-tested book scanning process, we utilize the following process:

  • We first discuss your project with you and ask about your expectation and goals. Thoroughly understanding your book scanning requirements ensures that both parties are on the same level of understanding. It reduces ambiguity and misunderstanding.
  • Before we start, we offer you free sample work. Upon your approval, we will start the project.
  • We do not use outside book scanning contractors or outsource our work. Everything is done here in Southern California.  It ensures that your work is protected and done with consistent quality assurance.
  • Our Project Manager will keep you posted about the progress of your book scanning project.
  • Quality control is an integral part of the work process. Scanned images are cleaned and de-skewed.

We can scan one book or an extensive library collection. Most of us have books we keep for an extended period. We do not want to be apart from them. Now you can have them scanned and save them digitally permanently with our book scanning services. Our high-end color book scanners will replicate them digitally with their original cover. After reviewing your books, we will return them in the same condition as when we first received them.

Once your books are scanned, you can donate them to a library of your choice or sell them. It would save you space in your home or place of work. Now you have digital books which can travel with you. Scanned images are offered in PDF (searchable and image only), TIFF, JPEG, and other standard formats.

If you have only a few books, you can ship them to us via USPS, UPS, or FedEx. Or, if you have an extensive collection, we can arrange to have them picked up from your location.

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