book2net Ultra A2 book scanner

The book2net Ultra is one of the most succesful A2 production scanners worldwide. Developed specifically for the scanning service bureau. The book2net Ultra meets special requirements for high throughput, outstanding quality and extreme durability.

The book2net Ultra combines impressive productivity and quality with high ease of use. The book cradle, the glass plate and the LED lighting system can be precisely adjusted to a wide variety of formats and template structures in a matter of seconds. Ensuring a smooth workflow with Scan Photos, Slides, Seals, document, etc. The book2net Ultra guarantee the highest quality images.

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We have optimized the functionality of the book2net Ultra book scanner for you to guarantee the best conditions for ergonomic work and, at the same time, a smooth workflow even under demanding production conditions.

The new book2net Ultra book scanner enables fast and economical capturing. The motorized book cradle is controlled by an auto pressure adjustment with pressure sensors in the glass plate, ensuring particularly gentle treatment of books. The scanner has a self-opening, high-level scratch-resistant glass cover for comfortable operation and steady quality.

Technical data

Sensor High-Performance area Sensor
Optics Schneider precision Lense
Color Depth 48-bit color, 24-bit color, 16-bit color, 8-bit grey, 1-bit B/W
Resolution 300 dpi / 400 dpi / 600 dpi
Scanning Time 0.3 seconds for A2 color at 400 dpi
Depth of field 12cm
Processing Time  2.2 sec. (scanning + imaging + storage!)
Software Intuitive professional software with advanced functionalities for job management, imaging and post processing
Lighting Cold light LED technology with integrated
Light Control System (LCS)
Shutter  No shutter mechanics
Output  sRGB, Adobe 1998 RGB, eciRGB V1/V2, Wide Gamut, ProPhoto and according to ICC standard
PC Interface USB 3.0
File Format  TIFF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PDF, PDF-A, Multipage PDF and Multipage TIFF
Operating System Windows 10
Noise Emissions Standby 34 dB(A) / in operation 39 dB(A)
Dimensions 680 x 940 x1215 mm (W x D x H)
Safety Standards CE EMV
Weight 72 kg (158 lbs.)
Power Standby 50 VA, in operation 100 VA

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