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Evrex Corporation Digitizing Process

April 15, 2024|

Evrex Corporation Digitizing Process: Preparation: Inspect the microfilm for any damage or defects. Clean the microfilm if necessary to remove dust or debris. Ensure the microfilm is properly labeled and organized for scanning. Scanning: Use a specialized microfilm scanner or microfilm reader to capture images from the microfilm. Adjust the scanner settings for optimal image quality, including resolution and [...]

Benefits of Microfilm Scanning

February 27, 2024|

Benefits of Microfilm Scanning Services by Evrex Microfilm scanning is the process of converting microfilm, which is a reel or sheet of film containing miniature photographs of documents, into a digital format. Microfilm has been traditionally used as a means of compactly storing large volumes of information in a reduced physical space. However, microfilm scanning addresses the limitations of traditional [...]

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