Evrex Overhead Scanner

Evrex Overhead Scanner


Finally, a VERY affordable, all-purpose book scanner 

The Evrex Overhead Scanner has a high-speed camera with a fixed focal length and a 24MP 1/2.3 CMOS sensor that can scan various documents, books, and magazines.

Whether you want to archive your unique books in digital form, quickly scan and grade student essays, preserve comic book collections, or scan essential documents while working remotely, you’ll find the overhead scanner a necessary tool for all your scanning needs.

Note: Customer must supply PC



Evrex Overhead Scanner delivers a powerful, yet affordable, book scanning solution for libraries. This leading-edge technology reduces book scanning to page turning creates flat scans from curved books, removes the user’s thumbs from the scan area, separates the left page from the right page; crops the images with smart tilt correction and auto-cropping.

As powerful as it is, this state-of-the-art scanner solution also makes it easy for everyone to use it. Flexible in design from the ground up, it enables users to control the scanner using a touch screen, a hand button, or a foot pedal, while scanning entire pages at the ultra-fast rate of 6 seconds per page – including dual-facing pages of a book or A3-size documents.

Key Features

  • Ultra-fast scans in six seconds per page, with no pre-scan required
  • 25MP Sony CMOS Image Sensor with an Optical Resolution of 330DPI, with interpolation up to 600DPI
  • A unique hardware design that features overhead scanning to capture face-up books up to 17” x 11” in size, and up to 3″ thick, and documents up to 18” x 14”
  • Advanced page-flattening algorithms that transform pixels from a 3D, curved surface to a completely flat undistorted image
  • Innovative Thumb erase automatic digital thumb removal technology for scan-perfect results
  • Integrated Glare free side lighting delivers perfect scans of glossy documents that are blotch-free
  • ABBYY FineReader technology for unmatched OCR accuracy, with automatic conversion to searchable PDF, Word, MP3, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG file formats
  • Integrates with coin, bill, and credit card devices for cost recovery, add-on options for faxing and digital translations
  • Security stand to protect the scanner when used in public settings

Integrated OCR

Evrex Overhead Scanner is integrated with the ABBYY FineReader Engine for unmatched accuracy. ABBYY’s multi-lingual document recognition engine automatically detects English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish languages. Customers may upgrade to the company’s OCR pack which can detect over 186 languages.


Security Stand

Evrex Overhead Scanner ships with a custom security stand to protect the scanner from theft in high traffic areas. It is easily installed in minutes, fits the scanner perfectly, and can be attached to a table for further protection.



Scanner is designed with accessibility built-in from the ground up. The touchscreen interface is designed for ultimate ease-of-use and includes contrast and magnifying tools for the visually impaired. Audio narration is built in. And the selection of scan controls includes a simple touch on the display, a desktop button for the hand, or a foot pedal to keep the hands free. We also offer a 48” x 30” height adjustable table to meet additional ADA compliant requirements.


Keep Your Library Green

The system also helps you meet your environmental goals by allowing your scans to be sent to or stored on a variety of media, rather than printing. The Standard Edition software includes output to email, Google Drive, mobile devices, network, print, USB drive, and Wēpa. Add-on options include Article Exchange, Box, Dropbox, fax, ILLiad, Odyssey, Office 365, OneDrive, print from cloud or USB drive, print from mobile device, Tipasa, and WorldShare ILL.


Supported Billing Systems

Scanner supports ITC and Jamex coin and debit/credit card systems. It also works with leading print management vending systems including Pharos, Envision Ware, P-Counter, Blackboard and CBORD.



Evrex Overhead Scanner is backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty that can be upgraded and extended through our Extra-Care program for up to five years. The system is supported by US based support team.

Additional information

Weight 26 lbs


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