Fuji Pre-Mix Fixer 141


Fuji Pre-Mix Fixer 141

This product will work has a replacement with other tabletop chemicals when processing all brands of microfilm. This product is ready to use, clean working, low fog potential, and low exhaustion.


Design to be compatible with standard systems with no chances in the microfilm exposure or solution temperature.

Superior image quality, lower fog, more uniform development.

Longer life will exhibit little or no degradation in sensitometry when replenished or replaced according to the processor manufacturer’s recommendations. Economical cost.

Four 1-gallon bottles per case. Priced and Sold by the Case.

The equivalent for Imagelink Archive Processor Fixer 1112656


Product Details

Product:Fuji Chemicals
Type:Pre-Mix Fixer
Manufacture Reference:Fuji
Manufacture Part Number:141-1112656
Processors: Tabletop

Additional information

Weight41 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 14 in
Fuji Pre-Mix Fixer 141

Fuji Pre-Mix Fixer type 141

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