Fujifilm MiniPositive II 16mm Film


Fujifilm MiniPositive II 16mm Film is a polarity reversing Silver Halide print film designed to make extremely high-quality copies from source document originals.


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Fujifilm MiniPositive II 16mm Film Features

  • Relatively fast speed
  • Fine grain
  • Excellent Gray Scale Reproduction – emulsion faithfully reproduces the tonal information of the original
  • Blue sensitivity – (Red Safelight can be used)
  • Superior processing latitude and minimal dye stain
  • Manufactured to meet or exceed all ANSI/ISO specifications pertaining to manufacturing and LE500 image stability


  • 4 mil clear polyester base with process survivable anti-static backing
  • 16mm, 35mm and 105mm configurations

Compatible Fujifilm Chemistry

  • Fujifilm 537 Developer (1:7 deep tank dilution)
  • Fujifilm 455 Fixer (1:4 dilution)
  • Fujifilm 140/141 Ready to use developer and fixer for tabletop applications


Fujifilm MiniPositive II 16mm Film

Manufacturer: Fujifilm
SAP# 16512548

Fujifilm HR-40 (16mm x 100ft.)


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