Get our Kiosk model MFP (multi-function copier, printer, scanner and faxing)

Our Workplace Kiosk MFP brings new capabilities to customers work environment. Profit-based business can make their customers more productive. They can set their price to make profit for their business.

For not-for profit facilities can offer a more complete experience to their visitors. Prices can be set to simply cover the costs and make new document services more affordable.  By utilizing modern payment methods such as a smart phone would remove any need to collect or manage cash on site. Being a fully secure and integrated solution incorporating payments, there is no need to worry about managing the customer transactions.

One of their own printing, copying, scanning and faxing without any staff interaction allowing staff to concentrate on their normal job. Our intuitive self service Workplace Kiosk helps visitor do all of their own printing, copying, scanning anf faxing without any staff interaction, allowing staff to concentrate on their normal job. Research shows 66% of customers prefer self-service over speaking to a company representative.

Here are some real benefits for you:

  • Offering document services to your visitors would improve customer experiences and desire to visit.
  • No staffing overhead means that your business can benefit form increases in customer services without needing to divert labor from existing core duties.
  • Generate incremental revenues in your facility without any staff interaction.
  • The best part is our Workplace Kiosks are very affordable and can be financed at low monthly cost.