Kodak Reference Archive Media 16mm, 100ft. (discontinued)

100ft. 16mm

100 roll minimum order

Note: Compatible with the Fuji Archive Media 16mm, 100ft. Part number FM33


Kodak Reference Archive Media 16mm x 100ft. 153 – 4601 (100 roll minimum order)


For the permanence of your digital images, with high-quality duplicates and crisp, clean paper prints, you need KODAK Reference Archive 16mm Microfilm Media.

Reference Archive 16mm Microfilm Media 3433 has been specially formulated for use in the i9600 Series Writers and the Document Archive Writer 4800 to provide high-quality, human-readable archives of your digital images.

Reference Archive 16mm Microfilm Media is manufactured to ANSI and ISO specifications and, when properly processed and stored, has a life expectancy
of 500 years.

Key features:
* High-Resolution, High-Quality images
* Coated on polyester (PET) base
* Meeting ISO requirements for Safety film
* Reduces dirt and static problems
* Manufactured to ensure the highest quality microfilm

Manufacturer: Kodak Film
Manufacturer Part Number: 134NXEO
Availability: Usually ships in 4-6 business days


Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in
Kodak Film

#153-4601 is now 134NXEO

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