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Microfilm Scanning Services

There are three basic types of Microfilm:

  1. 16mm Roll Film, M Type 16mm Cartridge, and 35mm Roll Film
  2. This is about 4” x 6” flat film.  It can be 16mm or 35mm.  Microfiche. There is also COM Microfiche, which was made for banks, insurance companies, etc.  COM stands for Computer Output Microfilm. On a COM fiche, there are up to 284 film images.
  3. Aperture Cards. These are typically one for each 35mm film Engineering drawing image.

We provide digital conversion services for Microfilm Scanning, Microfiche, and Aperture Cards. We have been offering microfilm scanning services since 1998. All microfilm scanning work is done in Southern California by our experienced staff. Because we do not outsource microfilm scanning to outside contractors, we can provide you with a guarantee that your microfilm scanning project will have a consistently successful outcome.

Although microfilm is a reliable storage media, it does deteriorate with time. Furthermore, you would require a microfilm scanner, software, computer, and monitor to find the information you want. The whole process is slow and somewhat tedious. A better way would be to scan your microfilm into PDF, TIFF, or JPEG.

Currently, most of our customers want their scanned images in PDF since PDF is the most common digital image format. Almost anyone with a computer can access their images quickly and efficiently.

One of the significant advantages of having your microfilm scanned is that you do not have to purchase and maintain a microfilm scanner on-premises. It is a tedious and slow process to retrieve information from microfilm. You also have the storage issues of keeping microfilm in your offices, thus taking premium office space. Our work environment has drastically changed due to Covid-19. Employees are working from home, and yet they may need information.

They cannot access data from microfilm while working remotely. Having your microfilm converted into digital format and keeping it on the company server would make the information accessible to remote workers. Your organization will become more efficient and productive.

We will love to help you if you think of having your microfilm scanned. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a free evaluation of your requirement by contacting us.

16mm Roll Film

$005Per Image

35mm Roll Film

$007Per Image

16mm Microfiche

$010Per Image

Aperture Cards

$100Per Image

All Microfilm Scanning Services are done locally. We do not send our work overseas.

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