Zeutschel OS 12002 Advanced Plus

The Zeutschel OS 12002, A2-Size Overhead Book Scanner
The OS 12002 is ideal for patron’s research or back-office digitization of books, newspapers, documents, maps, and other materials that go up to A2 size.

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With the low light emission and gentle book cradle, the Zeutschel OS 12002 Book scanner is designed to protect original materials, while still getting the best lighting and positioning for scanning. The low light emission not only protects valuable documents but also makes working ergonomic, safe, and efficient. The rear, glare-free lighting, and the intuitive operating concept with monitor control ensure excellent results. Erroneous scans and irregular illumination are now a thing of the past. The OS 12002 is particularly template and user-friendly, scanning faster than the blink of an eye. The Zeutschel OS 12002 is aesthetic and very functional at the same time. Digitizing becomes intuitive and practically child’s play for daily work in the digitizing world.


Technical data

DescriptionOverhead tabletop book scanner for books, newspapers and large-format documents
Scan Area622 x 460 mm (24 x 18 in)
Scan modeColor; 4 channels, RGB- Color and Grey in total 43200 Pixel
True Color Processing 42-bit color | output 24-bit color, 14-bit gray scale | output 8-bit gray scale, 1 bit b/w | output 1-bit B/W
Maximum ResolutionUp to 600 dpi
Scan Speed 3.8 sec /400 ppi
Auto Focus Approx. 50mm
User SoftwareOmniscan 12 / 64 bit, with multi-thread function (optional)
Maximum Book Thickness150mm with glass plate, 200mm without glass plate
Scanner InterfaceGig E
Data Format TIFF Uncompressed, TIFF G4, JPEG, JP2, PDF, BMP, Multipage TIFF, Multipage PDF
WeightApprox. 90 kg (198 lbs.)
Workspace(W x D) 700mm x 720mm (27in x 28in)

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