Zeutschel OS 15000 Comfort

Zeutschel OS 15000 Comfort


The Zeutschel OS 15000 Comfort power by Scannx award-winning software is a formidable overhead book scanner offering superior A3+ scanning up to 600 DPI true optical resolution. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the Zeutschel OS 15000 overhead book scanner is appreciated for its advanced capabilities, delivering unrivaled image quality while being user friendly. What sets this overhead book scanner apart is its special consideration for books. Whether it’s a modern publication or a historical manuscript, this scanner ensures gentle handling without compromising the integrity of the original material. Furthermore, it excels in scanning a vast range of documents and books, from science reports, contracts, and magazines to a diverse array of cultural heritage collections.

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Scanners never looked better. Neither did your scans.

The Zeutschel OS 15000 Comfort is a multifunctional overhead scanner that provides powerful digitization for sophisticated users who recognize the importance of ease of use, performance, and cost-performance ratio.

Scannx & Zeutschel: A Unique Solution

This solution combines the uncompromising quality of the Zeutschel OS 15000 Comfort overhead scanners with the intuitive Scannx software. With its large friendly buttons, the Scannx software guides the user through the scan process including choosing file formats, scan quality, color depth, file naming, and destinations. A headset jack also helps visually impaired patrons through the scanning process, and outputs their scan as an audio file.

The Zeutschel OS 15000 Comfort powered by Scannx allows you to send scans to

  • Article Exchange
  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Google Drive
  • ILLiad
  • Mobile devices
  • Network folders
  • OneDrive
  • Printers
  • USB Drives
Scannalytics tracks usage statistics, enables features remotely, and distributes updates. IT and Accounting departments can use these reports to manage and optimize asset utilization and department chargeback fees.

Billing Integration and Support Options

The software supports ITC and Jamex coin and debit card systems, and major credit cards, as well as leading print management vend systems including Pharos, EnvisionWare, and P-Counter.

This unit is supported by the Evrex U.S.-based technical support and customer service teams. Evrex Care Complete is also available for customers who want advanced insights into system usage and the ability to remotely manage their Evrex scanners. The solution includes remote software diagnostics, updates, and upgrades plus an on-site technician when required.

Technical data

Scan format 460 x 360 mm (18 x 14 inch)
Scan mode color, grayscale, b/w; 4 channels, RGB- Color and Grey in total 43200 Pixel
True-Color Processing 42-bit color / output 24-bit color
14-bit grayscale / output 8-bit grayscale
1 bit b/w / output 1 bit b/w
Resolution Scan up to 600 DPI
User software Omniscan 12 / 64 bit, with multi-thread function (optional)
Book cradle Comfort book cradle without glass plate
Maximum book thickness 100 mm (4 inch)
Scanner interface Gig E
Operating System Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 – alternatives on request
Dimensions 540 x 630 x 600 mm (21 x 25 x 24 inch)
Workspace 504 x 540 mm (20 x 21 inch)
Weight 26 kg (57 lb.)
Power requirement 100 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz


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